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WilcoHome Vista Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Up Front Charges

None!  You pay nothing up front.  When your site is ready to Go Live, you'll begin paying a simple monthly fee

Monthly Fees

$50 per month.  That's the total price for your web site, hosting, domain name, email marketing and internet marketing.  Also includes 4 hours of site updates each month.  For each order placed on your site, we'll deduct the following fees:

  • 55% to WilcoHome for products sold

  • Shipping Charges will be paid to freight company

  • Sales Tax to appropriate state comptrollers

  • 5% to Vista Partners for credit card merchant fees

  • 40% to you

Are there other payment options?

Yes.  You can pay $499 for development and setup.  In that case your recurring charge is $25 monthly plus the distributions described above.

How does the on-line sale work?

When your customer completes a sale, an email is sent to them with details about their purchase.  A copy goes to you and a copy goes to WilcoHome.  As soon as the order is packed and shipped, the credit card transaction is completed.  You'll get an email notifying you about the shipment.  Within two days, we'll deduct shipping and taxes and then deposit your 40% of the sale into your bank account.

What about logos and graphics?

If you already have a logo for your business, we can use that for your web site.  If not, a logo can be created for you at no additional charge.

Will I have access to my web site?

Absolutely.  You can make changes at any time. You'll have access to change your company information, add or remove products.  You can also add other product lines in addition to WilcoHome.

What if we want something extra that's not included in the package?

We're happy to accommodate custom changes to your site.  If we go over the four hours allotted to you each month, our WilcoHome negotiated rate is $50 per hour.

We'd love to hear from you.  Call us at  855 761-5522 or email us at

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